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The Plantronics CS55 wireless headsets are the first all-wireless headsets in the USA to use the new 1.9 GHz voice-dedicated frequency which provides users with strong sound quality for optimal voice and hearing clarity.

Using the new voice-dedicated 1.9GHz DECT standard frequency, business professionals don't have to worry about interference from nearby Wi-Fi networks, cordless telephones, and other wireless office equipment common on other frequencies. The result is a less crowded radio frequency that provides superior audio clarity with no interruptions.

The Plantronics CS55 shares the sleek, self-contained design of the award-winning Plantronics CS50 headset, including its extended boom with brilliant voice clarity and noise-canceling technology — perfect for busy office environments with background noise. The Plantronics CS55 Micro is the ideal communication solution for today's business executive, incorporating a more discreet look with a smaller boom and compact size that offers great sound in enclosed or private offices, while providing great wireless range and security.

Plantronics CS55 and Plantronics CS55H Features:

  • Mobile multi-tasking—conferring with colleagues, walking to the printer, pouring a cup of coffee—need not interrupt important calls up to 300 feet from a desk phone.
  • Voice-dedicated 1.9GHz DECT technology provides uncompromised audio quality and the lowest probability of interference.
  • The CS55 gives workers 10 hours of unencumbered talk time and the option of remote answering,* so they never miss calls when away from the workstation.
  • An extended boom and noise-canceling microphone filter out background noise, so listeners hear conversations clearly.
  • Both stylish and comfortable, the CS55 can be converted to over-the-ear, over-the-head or behind-the-head styles.
  • Experience the audio quality of corded handsets—without the tether
  • The clear audio leader: first headset in the U.S. to offer voice-dedicated 1.9 GHz DECT wireless technology
  • Latest wireless technology ensures call privacy with digitally encrypted security
  • One-touch conversation control with built-in volume, mute, and answer/end call features
  • Employees can answer, end, and mute calls on the headset with the touch of a button*
  • No overnight wait: fully recharge the headset in under three hours, and recharge it 80% in half that time
  • Online indicator light deters others from interrupting during a call
  • Reversible, tailored ear loops provide flexibility and hours-long comfort

* with optional HL10 handset lifter

Professionals can customize their Plantronics CS55 with the HL10 handset lifter for one-touch call answer/end, a behind-the-head neckband, which provides another style option for personal comfort, and a wall- or desk-mountable in-use indicator that lets others know the user is on a call.

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